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By Fabio Rotondo - fsoft (@) sourceforge ( dot ) net

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There are some good reasons you should consider about making a donation for this project. In the next sections, I'll try to explain them to you, so you can valuate if it is a good idea or not to give some money for this.
The OS3Grid is released under LGPL license. This license makes the software available to everyone for free (as in free beer) and you can use it for commercial or open source projects, without any restriction (the freedom above).
Of course, the creation of this software has taken some time, and its maintenance will take even more. All the time we use for enhance OS3Grid is time you save on your own projects.
Consider all the time you have saved by simply download the source file and try to give it a price: this is the amount of money you should consider sending us to continue our good work.
We just do not provide OS3Grid by itself: we are also trying to create some decent documentation for it, so you can save even more time, without having to fiddle with settings or scan the source code. As you may know, writing good docs takes time. Documentation is the first thing we'll leave behind if we will not have enough resources to continue OS3Grid development: you'll have new features but you probably will have to find them out by yourself.
We were not able to find any other free alternative to OS3Grid around. There is some good freeware software, some demo software and so on, but no free as in freedom DHTML grids around.
Just google around and you'll see it by yourself: all availabe alternatives are expensive, while OS3Grid is free. Doesn't this deserve a gift?
The LGPL license authorizes you to use this piece of code even inside commercial (not open source) projects. So you can use this software without giving away your own (precious?) source code.
Doesn't this deserve a gift?
I am getting a lot of emails, asking me to add this or that feature to OS3Grid. Some of these features are very time consuming and I didn't design my Grid to have them in the first place: mainly because my own projects involving OS3Grid didn't require those requested features.
Some of the requests I am getting are actually good ideas that I'll try to implement in the future (although I am not promising anything to anyone), but others (still being quite good ideas) are very time consuming and may require some OS3Grid refactoring to be implemented in a good and clean way.
So, if you want to see this project going on and evolve during time, please consider making a donation for my time and experience.
One of the biggest problems I am encountering is having OS3Grid behave correctly under the allmighty bugged Internet Explorer (I call it Internet ExploDER ;-) ).
I develop OS3Grid using Mozilla Firefox because I am a Linux user and I do not have Windows. I try to make the Grid as much W3C-Compliant as possible but then I receive some mails telling me, for example, that OS3Grid behaves poorly on large datasets under Exploder. I had a nightmare time having column resizing work under Internet Exploder.
Since I do not have Windows installed on my machine, I have to rely on someone's else PC to test my Grid under Internet Exploder and this requires much more time.
So, if you want to see OS3Grid to mantain the same compatibility and feature rich interface even under IE, please consider making a donation.
I don't know if these reasons sound good to you, but if they do, please click the link below to donate some money to the project. Any amount will be fine.

Thank you.
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